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MelonGaming Application Moderator

Post by xMelonGamingHD on Fri Oct 02, 2015 4:38 am

Name: Tyrone
Age (At least 14): 13 At The Momment Turning 14 on the 14th of October
IGN: xMelonGamingHD
Skype: itzztyrone
Past Experience of at least Helper (DO NOT LIST, focus on ONE staff position you've held and write a paragraph on what you did and what you learned): i have been a moderator on a wonderful sever called the tree hill and it still delovping and i am going to reach my goal and get to admin and what i have learnt from experiance is never go on creative and self supply items that make the game either unfair or to overpowered and always have a positive attuide to anyone higher or lower then me and always have fun in all games no matter if the game makes you really really angry

What should I expect from you (please write more than a sentence)? you should except alot like building getting on the server alot often and my hours i Could get on is 1-2 hours and i will do alot like advertise the server (if wanted to by the owner) and make the server FUN!

How do you deal with:
- Hackers: Well i would ban him/her for 30mins for making the game unfair to others and everyone and griefing the game
- Spammers: Mute them for 30sec and tell them to more spamming will = to a 30min ban
- Arguments: i will ask why are they arguing and i will mute both of them and tell them not everyone wants to know
- General Rudeness: kick them for being really rude and to think why again we are higher ranks then them
- Advertisers: mute them untill they stop
How much time would you dedicate to the server? 1-2 hours

Are you good at PvP (not necessary, I'm just curious)? Yes i used to play pvp alot till i stopped and played csgo then minecraft Smile
What is your favorite subject in school (if you are in school)? Well my faviourite subject is all of them i did really good in all i got b+ in all

Tell me a joke: Okay HEAR A JOKE SPONGEBOB DID 9/11 wanna hear why okay Turn sponge bob around and his teeth is is the twin towers and Spongebob 9 letters Square Pants 11 Spongebob did 9/11
Have you read the rules? Yes i have read and put the rules into my knowlege ;P


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Re: MelonGaming Application Moderator

Post by NickB on Fri Oct 02, 2015 4:45 am

We will get back to you by tomorrow.
Thanks for applying.

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