My Staff Application

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My Staff Application

Post by Herecomesryans on Fri Oct 02, 2015 2:49 am


Past experiences: I am currently a Admin for a server that could possibly end soon. I have built a town for the server and run one of the kingdoms on the server, i help out anyone who asks for the help. I enjoy creating things for other people myself and servers and am willing to dedicate time towards this. I work well with other players and do my best for everyone's voice to be heard when it comes to building or during any kind of project.

What should I Expect from you?: You can expect a dedicated member who is will to help out anyone and everyone, I will be happy to build things for the server and set things up and resolve any issues that occur.

How do you deal with:
Hacker: Start off with a temp ban if its minor or heavily suspect, if its is something larger than i would use a perma ban.
Spammers: Would be muted but if it becomes a rising issue with that person and they do not listen to warnings they would receive a temp ban
General Rudeness: Start off with a warning of 2 strikes and if they do not listen they would be muted if they start to break or damaged other people's property then they would be kicked, if they come back and continue with destroying property they would receive a temp ban.
Advertisers: Will be muted and given a warning, then if it happens again then they are kicked and if it happens another time they recieve a temp ban.
Staff Abusers: If i see a staff member abuse power then they will be given a warning if they do not stop they will be temp banned until proper judgment on their actions can be passed

How much time would you dedicate to the server?: I will try and dedicate at the very least an hour every other day but will try and get on every day, i do go to school so there may be times when it fluctuates.

Are you good at pvp?: I would say i am moderate at pvp i can do it but prefer to build over it.

What is your favorite subject in school: Currently Biology

Tell me a joke: knock knock, "who's there?" Admin "Admin Who" Add me into your admin position

Have you read the rules?: Yes i have read the rules


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Re: My Staff Application

Post by NickB on Fri Oct 02, 2015 3:34 am

We will get back to you by tomorrow.
Thanks for applying.

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