Mentios's Helper Application

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Mentios's Helper Application

Post by Mentios on Fri Oct 02, 2015 2:47 am

Staff Application:

Name: In game- Mentios Real Life- Jack S.

Age (At least 13): 13

IGN: Mentios

Skype: Jacks1333

Past Experience as staff (Not necessary, but DO NOT LIST, focus on ONE staff position you've held and write a paragraph on what you did and what you learned):
         I have been a staff member on too many servers to count so like you want me to, I will talk about my most important one. I was a server owner of a kitpvp server. Based off of my experience I have learned multiple things such as how to fix bugs, deal with hackers/glitchers/etc.What I loved most about being the owner was that I could talk to everyone and have a fun experience. The hard part about it was dealing with bugs. I did have a developer but he wasn't what I needed so I had to fix the bugs myself. This is my most important "server staff experience" you may call it.

What should I expect from you (please write more than a sentence): You should expect a good, friendly, and decent PvPer. I have been a staff member too many times and I have learned what right from wrong is. I will never get "Pissed off" easily and if I do I always do my best not to show it. I always want to be kind and return any favors, as that is just how I am.

How do you deal with:
- Hackers: I will first confirm they are a hacker (watching over them (If I have invis)) Then I will give them a ban.

- Spammers: First I will ask them to stop, if they dont I will give them a temp mute of 5 minutes. If they continue to spam after that I will give a permanent mute.

- Arguments: I will ask them kindly to stop the fighting. If they continue I will temp mute them for 5 minutes each. If they continue after that I give a 10 minute mute. And I will keep muting them until they stop.

- General Rudeness: Based on the rules I will ask them to stop. If not I will make sure to give that person or the group a temp mute that increases by 5 minutes each time.

- Advertisers: It's as easy as 1 word. Mute.

How much time would you dedicate to the server: I will dedicate at least 2-4 hours every day depending on homework, weekend or week days, etc.

Are you good at PvP (not necessary, I'm just curious): I think I am above average at PvP since I have player for at least 3 years now. My favorite subject in Minecraft has always been to PvP it is just I am not good with many subjects like soup PvP, potion Pvp, etc. I am more into just regular sword and bow Pvp.

What is your favorite subject in school (if you are in school):My favorite subject in school would have to be Spanish. This is because I have never learned anything like this and hopefully I can travel to a Spanish speaking country and spent a bit of time there, that is when I am older.

Tell me a joke: My life.

Have you read the rules: Of course I have read the rules!


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Re: Mentios's Helper Application

Post by NickB on Fri Oct 02, 2015 3:35 am

We will get back to you by tomorrow.
Thanks for applying.

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