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Staff Application

Post by RagingRhino489 on Tue Oct 06, 2015 4:25 am

Skype:Raging Rhino

Past experiences: I am an owner of my own server on minecraft and tf2. I have also been admin on many minecraft servers but that was a long time ago and they usually have been shutdown.
What should I Expect from you?: You can Expect a dedicated person with not a lot of freetime but a lot of will power and a ton of new ways to help both the server and the members of it!
How do you deal with:
Hacker: Start off with a temporary ban if its a small thing or, if its is something larger than I would use a permanent ban.
Spammers: Would be muted but if it becomes a more complex issue with that person and they do not listen to warnings they would receive a temp ban
General Rudeness: Start off with a warning, and if they do not listen they would be muted by me and  if they start to break peoples homes then they would be kicked, if they come back and continue with destroying buildings, they would receive a temp ban.
Advertisers: Will be muted and given a warning, then if it happens again then they are kicked and if it happens another time they recieve a temp ban.
Staff Abusers: If i see a staff member abuse power then they will be given a warning if they do not stop they will be temp banned until proper judgment on their actions can be passed

How much time would you dedicate to the server?: I can try to put in a hour every day but it wont be till later in the day since school takes up most of my time

Are you good at pvp?: I would say I am ok when it comes to pvp. Not too good but not to bad either  Very Happy

What is your favorite subject in school: Has to be Computer Science

Tell me a joke: How do you make a blond super mad?

Have you read the rules?: Yes i have read the rules and completely understand them


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