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Post by Pinkarma90 on Sun Oct 04, 2015 8:06 pm

Hi I'm Laura or Pinkarma90
I am 15 years old
Skype: laurasimmy12
Past Experience of at least Mod (DO NOT LIST, focus on ONE staff position you've held and write a paragraph on what you did and what you learned): I am a mod on another server that might be going down. I have many ideas from that server i can bring to this server. I help out anyone who needs it. I can deal with problems when they arise. In that server i built my own town and was part of building a kingdom. I also helped build many buildings with other people.

What should I expect from you (please write more than a sentence)?
You can expect me to be a person you can go to if needed help on anything. I am willing to devote time into the server. You can expect me to be on the server and help with ideas or anything needed.

How do you deal with:
- Hackers: I will give them a perma ban
- Spammers: I will mute them if they do not listen to warnings and if it gets more serious and they keep doing it they will get a temp ban.
- Arguments:  Take into account both sides of the story and be the voice of reason.
- General Rudeness: I will give them warnings and tell them to be more polite.
- Advertisers: A warning and tell them that advertising is not allowed
- Staff Abusers: I will bring them forward to you and we can work together and sort it out
How much time would you dedicate to the server?
I will dedicate as much time i can to this server. I will play as much as i can after school and on the weekends.

Are you good at PvP (not necessary, I'm just curious)?
No I'm pretty bad but i will occasionally participate

What is your favorite subject in school (if you are in school)?
My favorite subject in school is Civil Engineering and Architecture. Its a really good and fun class and i love those types of classes. Also we get to look at really cool buildings and structures.

Tell me a joke: If you ever get cold, stand in a corner for a bit. They're usually around 90 degrees
Have you read the rules? yes


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